Adoption Reunion

First Contact and Mediation Service

Origins Canada offers First Contact and Adoption Reunion Mediation Services for those separated by adoption. If you are interested in this service contact

Adoption Reunion

Finding loved ones lost through adoption separation is an important decision and an experience that can offer great rewards. Adoption reunions can be a time of anxiety and excitement. The reunion process has often been described as “an emotional roller coaster ride.”  But it is a ride worth taking…

Judith S. Gediman and Linda F. Brown in their book “Birthbond” state that “There’s no such thing as a perfect reunion. Every reunion is built on the foundation of closed adoption, and the closed adoptions from which these reunions sprang were permeated with secrecy, guilt, shame and loss. It’s a wonder that anything good and healthy could spring from such a soil, but it has.”

Many adoption reunions have gone awry because of the initial approach or lack of understanding of the reunion process. It is recommended that you have some knowledge of the complexities of reunion to prepare yourself for the challenges and rewards of reunion before you embark upon your journey.

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