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New Brunswick Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia Quebec Nunavut Manitoba - open records Saskachewan Northwest Territories Yukon - Open Records Since 1996 BC - Open Records Since 1996 Ontario - Open Records since June 2009 Newfoundland and Labrador - open records since 2004 Newfoundland and Labrador - Open Records in 2004 Alberta: legislation passed

“Open Adoption Records” does not mean open adoption, nor does it mean that records are open to the public. It means, instead, that separated natural family members may obtain each other’s identifying information, and both the original and amended birth records. Identifying information regarding people who have adopted children is not released.

In Canada, “Open Records” means that adopted persons and natural parents have the right to receive identifying information on the family members they lost to adoption. Adopted people receive a copy of their original birth registration in their original name (including the names of any natural parents on record) and a copy of their adoption order. Natural parents receive the original and amended birth registrations and the adoption court order containing their child’s adoptive name. Names of adoptive parents are not released.

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